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215 15th Street, Newport Beach, CA 92663

American Legion Newport Harbor Post 291


American Legion Newport Harbor Post 291 is located on the bay side of
Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach, California.
Our Post stands at water's edge overlooking its own picturesque marina
directly opposite Lido Island.
215 15th Street
Newport Beach, California 92663
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

Another Message from the Post 291 Commander

In recent months, there have been a series of verbal and email communications that have caused
concern among Post 291 members. The principal targets of these attacks have been the Post, Post
Officers, and the Executive Committee. Further, there are continued unsubstantiated statements
attempting to denigrate and call into question Post 291 official financial statements. Among false
statements are that the Post has lost large amounts of money and that there have been inappropriate
actions by Post Officers. Not only are the allegations false, the statements have no substance or
accounting accuracy or validity.
It's very important to understand what's meant by "... turning an annual profit" with respect to Post
operations, and it's far from being feasible (ludicrous, maybe?) to talk in terms of "... locking up the
checkbook." -The Executive Board appropriates and allocates Post spending, and also sets prices
on food, beverages, and rentals - NOT the Commander nor the Finance Officer.
And it wasn't "... only after an outcry from the membership ..." that action was taken. Recognizing
from Post financial data that changes were needed, aggressive steps were directed and underway by
the House Committee and Executive Board to, among other things, raise prices and rents - which
have already begun to have positive effects on operational performance and cash reserves. -
Notwithstanding that many of the communiques on these topics have been shrill, inflammatory,
and incendiary, Post management was already on top of all this and taking action.
In Post Income Statement financial reports for the Business Account, capital investment and major
maintenance projects are (perhaps unfortunately and misleading) included in with "operations,"
which results in a distortion of the actual "operations performance." So while it may have seemed
that there were "losses" in "operations" (until significant increases were directed in food, beverage,
and rental prices), much of the reductions in cash reserves were the result of conscious, purposeful
spending on necessary capital improvements and much needed repairs and maintenance. For
example, over the past five years the following capital investment and major maintenance projects
were completed. All of these projects - and all were and are essential - are purposely intended
capital outlays, NOT "operating expenses" or "losses":
* In 2011, the Post shared the cost of dredging the marina with the City, costing the Post nearly
* The "Big Top" tent on the West Patio was replaced.
* A new liquor storage room was constructed with expanded ice-making capability and space
for draft beer support items.
* A new Point of Sale (PoS) system for bar and restaurant operations was purchased and
i nstalled with carefully placed dedicated outlets throughout the Post.
* New computer equipment and software were purchased and installed for administrative
operations and Post database maintenance.
* A new fence was purchased and installed on the seawall (to replace the old rusty chain-link that
was breaking, falling down, and an eyesore).
* New utilities were trenched under the parking lot out to the Utility Building and the Hut.
* The Fireside Room was completely remodeled and a new raised concrete patio was added just
outside to enhance rentability - and for the enjoyment of our members.
* The Main Hall was completely remodeled and repainted, and new ceiling fans were installed.
* A new audio/visual system was added in the Main Hall - to both enhance rentability as well as
for the benefit of our members.
* A new telephone system was installed to improve service for our members.
* Eight new dock ladders were purchased and installed in the marina to enhance safety for marina
renters and Post guests.
* The marina was completely rewired with 30 amp electrical power.
* New cooking and refrigeration equipment were installed in the kitchen to improve service, quality,
and productivity and to meet health code requirements.
* Surveillance cameras were installed to improve security.
* A new $40,000 cooler-freezer was purchased and installed to improve food and beverage service,
quality, and productivity - as well as to meet health code requirements.
Moreover, it is especially important to recognize that even with all these important capital outlays,
the Post has successfully maintained an attractive, affordable, family-friendly venue for our military
veteran members and their families - and has continued with significant donations to deserving
military veteran-related charitable organizations. And while achieving these essential objectives -
all of which are for the Good of the Legion and in support of our military veterans and their families
- the Post still has about $400,000 in cash in the bank and no long term debt.  This represents
extraordinary stewardship of Post resources and fulfillment of the trust Post 291 members have
placed in Post leadership.
Jess Lawson
Commander Post 291

“Burn Your Own” available all day!
Monday Night Races begin May 4th @ 6pm
Bar Menu will be available from 11:30-3pm
Hootenanny 2pm-5:30pm on west patio (aka: Big Top)
Taco Tuesday 4-8pm
Line Dancing!
5:30pm to 6:15pm - Open Line Dance
6:15pm to 7pm - Beginner Lessons
7-8pm - Intermediate/Advanced Lessons
Come on down and please have your guests sign in! Five guests per member.


Restaurant hours 11:30-8pm (Kitchen closes between 3-4pm to prepare for dinner)
Please note that on the 2nd Wednesday of every month the Post holds its monthly
general meeting in the hall and during this time the restaurant is closed for dinner
but Post offers a $10 buffet.


Restaurant hours 11:30-8pm (Kitchen closes between 3-4pm to prepare for dinner)
♪Jazz Nights 6-8:30pm


Resturant hours 11:30-9pm (Kitchen closes between 3-4pm to prepare for dinner)
Every Friday night we have live entertainment from 6:30-10:30pm.
It's a great time of dining, dancing and fun, plus a wonderful way to meet other members.
Reservations are highly encouraged on Friday nights.
Please call to reserve a table 949.673.5070 ext. 2 
or by email Dennis at:


Breakfast from 10am-12pm • Lunch 12pm-3:30pm
"Burn Your Own" burgers, bratwurst, and hot dogs are always available.
Live Entertainment 1-5pm on patio.


Resturant hours 10-3:30pm
Live entertainment on patio 1-5pm

Enjoy Waterfront Dining and Support Post 291
Great food! Great Location! Great Staff!
Members may bring guests (up to five).
Please have them sign in. Thank you!
Menus available online! Click here
Reservations are strongly encouraged on Friday nights. 
The best and fastest way
to reserve your table on Friday nights
(or any other day) is to email Dennis at: 
We will confirm your reservation quickly.  Of course
you can still make reservations by phone at:
949.673.5070 ext. 2
We have several waterfront areas available for you.
Open to members and non-members.

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